Our company offers rental and sale of Menzi Muck machines as well as accessories.


Menzi Muck has successfully established itself in the forestry industry. It gained high respect, and the forestry sector has become an important part in the business.

In many places, known as the “harvester for slopes” or “walker harvester”, Menzi Muck managed to profitably mechanize the harvesting of wood in difficult terrain. With its tilting body able to adapt to the subsoil, the powerful all-wheel drive and walk-in feature is nothing in the way. It is possible to work on slopes up to 100%

In mechanized extraction, environmental aspects are increasingly being monitored. In comparison to other extraction machines, the Menzi Muck-Harvester is a light weight in addition to high performance. The adaptation of the running gear to terrain ratios as well as the low pressure on the ground are very sensitive to the forest soil. The controllability of Menzi Muck also prevents damage to the remaining forest.