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Hydraulic demolition hammer

In the slim cover as one smooth package without any screws and fasteners to be seen, that is the new hammer. The hammer is fully protected against adverse external influences (strikes and dust). The hammer is protected against damage and wear thanks to the hardened case.



Basic technical data
Type EHB-06 EHB-10 EHB-13
Weight – Kg 482 566 1040
Oil flow – l/min 45-90 60-110 80-140
Work pressure – bar 130-170 140-180  140-180
Max. hit –  Joule 1000 1350 2150/21500
Diameter-  mm 80 93 105
Machine  t 5-11 7.0 – 15.0 12-20


Hydraulic demolition pliers

The demolition pliers handle any material whether it be concrete, stone or steel.

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Demoliton hammer Menzi Muck

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Demolition pliers Menzi Muck